Here is some of my story. It is a little long so bear with me.

It all started with a dirt road, a ‘99 Dodge Dakota, and a 15-year-old kid loving the mountains and fishing. A place now, like most, that’s crowded, over-used and not much of an escape from the “real world.” Almost every day from his freshman year of high school through graduation, you could find Schyler fishing the river, camping, or hunting the beautiful mountains outside of Alpine, Wyoming. But long before many of those people began vacationing in the wisdom of the mountainous terrain, the wilderness he loved so much instilled its patience and fulfillment upon the young adventurer.

Before he graduated a half-semester early, Schyler began to fall in love with photography and “capturing the moment.” After working through the winter and summer, Schyler took off to college where he began his photography journey. He attended Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, and met many influential people to his passion and future career.

In his time at Northwest College, Schyler garnered multiple awards and was published in the DieselTech Magazine. He became the photo editor of the Northwest Trail and graduated with an AAS degree in photography, placing him in his first photo/video job in Bellingham, Washington. He lived there for close to a year and worked for Veritas Media before moving back to Alpine, Wyoming. Here, he’d find a fresh perspective in the same dirt roads he travelled years ago, before moving to Red Lodge, Montana.

Red Lodge is home now. Schyler is settled into the small town at the base of the magnificent Beartooth Mountains, where you can find him walking his dog Posydon, known around town as Po. A part-time job working at the local restaurant, Bogart’s, making world-famous margaritas, helped orient himself toward his full-time passion. Not long after moving, he met the director of the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, and shared about his photography desires in the Big Sky state. They spoke about becoming a part-time photographer in 2018, but as of 2020 he is hired on full-time, going back and forth from the community foundation and Roosevelt Center taking pictures, working in communications, and marketing.

Thanks to that ’99 Dodge Dakota, those fish-filled rivers and a young dream, you can find Greys River Photography striving to bring honest, fulfilling and fresh perspectives to you and your family, helping you “capture the moment.”